The Authentication config allows the permissions for the page to be configured based on a predefined Permissions table, which can be defined in the security settings. This is useful where you have a number of pages which each share the same permission requirements.

In the “Permissions” tab rules can be applied on a per-user basis regarding  who is permitted view/change/delete/create/publish content for the page. In the example above, the usergroup Administrators has the privilege of full-control over the page (as does the user SysAdmin). As we can also see, an anonymous user has no privileges and is not permitted even to view the page.

New users or usergroups can be added by clicking on the "Add user or role" button.  This launches a pop-up menu allowing you to scroll through and selected either an individual user or a user group. Once this selection is confirmed (by clicking the OK button), the selected user/group will appear in the "Permissions" section and the actions they are permitted to perform can be edited.

The override column in the permissions table is worth mentioning. If a user is a member of more than one usergroup, LiSA will use the usergroup with the lowest level of permission to define whether the user is permitted to perform a given action on the page. Take the example of a user called Bob, Bob is a member of the usergroup Administrator and also a member of the usergroup Nav leiga. As can be seen, the Administrator group has full control whereas the Nav leiga group has no privileges . In normal circumstances LiSA will prevent Bob from making any changes to the page, because although he is a member of the Administrator group who are permitted full control, he is also a member of the Nav leiga group who have no permissions for the page. In this instance Bob will not be able to edit the page, as LiSA will use use the usergroup with the lowest level of permission (Nav leiga). To permit Bob full access, there are two options. Firstly we could select the "Override" column on the Administrator row, this would have the affect of permitting all Administrators full control regardless of which other usergroups they are members of. Alternatively we could click the "Add user or role" button and select Bob individually as a user, add him to the Permissions table, set the desired level of control, and then click the Override column on Bob's row. This would have the effect of allowing just Bob full-control (other Administrators would still be prevented from making changes if they belonged to other user groups who are not permitted to edit the page).



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