Adding and managing content and controls

Controls are used to add and manage content on the pages. The controls that are available can be found in a list called “Toolbox”. This can be found on the top right of the page. There are two different lists of controls in the toolbox:

  • New controls: all controls that are available.
  • Public/Existing controls: the controls that have been shared between the pages.

A search box in the top of the Control pane can be used to filter the controls in the list in order to find the right one. The search takes place on the fly so no submission is needed.

To add a control you have to:

  •  Click on it in the list and drag it on to the page. 
  • A dotted line will appear to show where the control will be placed when the mouse button is released.

The control properties can be accessed on the bottom right side of the page, under the toolbox, after you have clicked on it on the page. There are three properties that every control has:

  • Shared: Check this box if you want to share the control and its contents between pages.
  • Name: The name of the control is especially useful when the controls are shared. This will appear in the list of shared controls.
  • Title: The title of the control can be displayed above the control on the page.

There are several different controls that have different functions and purpose. The most common control is the Html content. With this control you can easily add and manage content on the page such as static text and images. This control and other common controls will be listed below and described in more detail.

For more information about all controls that are not listed here, such as mailing list controls, store controls and Web Users controls, contact the web department at Advania. 

                                                                List of controls here below.



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