This is where you can manage the news that are displayed on the website. It is possible to add news, edit them and delete them. The news are sorted into different categories created by the user. By using the news controls it is possible to choose which categories should be displayed. 

  • To add a category, right click the “Categories” folder or the parent category and choose “new category”. 
  • It is possible to right click the categories and edit or delete them. To add an article press “New” in the top menu-bar. 

Standard news window

Adding news item


In the new article page there are several options and fields to fill in:

  • Title: The title of the article.
  • Abstract: A short text that describes the article.
  • Content: The article is written in an editor as is described in detail above.
  • Dates: The start date and End date of the article. The display mode makes it possible to choose when the article should be visible.
  • Alias: It is possible to choose an alias for the article.
  • Images: Here images can be chosen from the image gallery
  • Author: The author of the article.
  • Categories: Here it is possible to manage what categories the article should be in.
  • Priority: It is possible to choose the priority of the article.
  • Tags: It is possible to add tags to the article so that it can be sorted with related articles.

Note: For more information about the Extra properties and RSS feeds in the news section, contact the web department at Advania.



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