Introduction to LiSA Live


This manual will introduce the LiSA Content Management System (CMS) in an easy to follow format aimed at new users. It is also handy as a reference guide for experienced users. Every aspect of LiSA will be covered in detailed fashion, so that relatively inexperienced web management users will be able to use the manual as a text and graphics based tutorial.

What is LiSA Live

The LiSA Content Management System has been under development at Advania (previously Skýrr, Eskill and Innn) since 1997. There are now over 900 different websites that maintain, update, and improve their product using the LiSA CMS. LiSA’s powerful features and easy interface mean that our customers can update and maintain their own web content and are not forced to rely on third party support with all the associated costs and delays.

Software development

Advania is determined to offer the best CMS system that is available. The combination of a user-friendly working environment with a powerful set of underlying features has made LiSA into a world-leading web management solution.

Advania has also developed a number of tailored solutions that can be deployed within LiSA. Such development is ongoing, and Advania is constantly working on implementing new ideas in close consultation with its clients. In fact, many of the tailored solutions already on offer have been developed through such consultative relationships and Advania remains attuned to the critical feedback it receives from its partners. Of course, Advania is also able to offer clients tailor-made solutions that are entirely exclusive.

Common abbreviations

•    HTML: Hypertext Markup Language – the source code of the web page.
•    XSLT: Extensible stylesheet language transformation - allows transformation of XML documents into other HTML code.
•    CSS: Cascading Style Sheets Level 3 – Language used to describe how an HTML document should be formatted.
•    XLS: System of style sheets for use with XML, derived from CSS.

What can I use LiSA Live for?

LiSA Live is a Web Content Management System that is designed to publish, maintain and update websites without requiring technical knowledge of HTML and other programming languages. It allows the user to maintain contents, update news, upload pictures and much more.

The system is very flexible and powerful. It is easy to integrate with other systems and can be used for regular websites, intranets, extranets, B2B, web shops and other web solutions



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