Accessing the system

Accessing Lisa

The LiSA content management system (LiSA CMS) is accessible with all the latest version of modern browsers.

To access the LiSA CMS, enter the site URL in your browser with a '/lisa' appended to the end of it (without quotes, e.g. http://your_site/lisa).

You will be presented with a sign-in screen, where you can enter your username and password and log in.

Frontpage of the system

Once logged in, you are directed to the Systems Front Page. This page contains three main elements: Shortcuts, Recently modified and Comments.

The Shortcuts section provides links to the most common system functions:

  • Pages: To create new or manage existing pages on the web site.
  • New news item: To create news articles.
  • Item Gallery: To upload or manage existing images and files.
  • Change password: To change passwords and manage user accounts.
  • Global settings: For website configuration.

The Recently Modified section contains a list of latest activities in the system, such as changes made to pages, by whom they were made and at what time. Each entry has two clickable icons:

  • The magnifying glass opens the recently changed page in a new browser window
  • The pen-and-notepad icon allows for editing the recently changed page

The Comments section allows for writing short messages and comments that other users can read.



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